Five reasons GitHub Copilot can enhance your experience as a TypeScript developer

As a TypeScript developer, you’re likely familiar with the importance of having the right tools to make your job easier and more efficient. GitHub Copilot is one such tool that can help you streamline your development process and enhance your day-to-day life. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 5 reasons why GitHub CopilotContinue reading “Five reasons GitHub Copilot can enhance your experience as a TypeScript developer”

Conquering undefined with optional chaining in SPFx

If you are a SharePoint Framework developer, you know that you never know what type of data you are going to get back from the SharePoint API. On one page, you can find a deeply nested value in the context object and the next, you get undefined somewhere in the chain. Take a look atContinue reading “Conquering undefined with optional chaining in SPFx”

Using Ionic Framework with SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

For those that know me, you might have heard about my extensive use of Ionic Framework, a mobile app platform, to build various side projects including BrewZap and HappenZap. If you aren’t familiar with Ionic Framework, it’s a node.js based development framework for mobile apps. Ionic was originally built using AngularJS and then modern versionsContinue reading “Using Ionic Framework with SharePoint Framework (SPFx)”