SPFx Basics: Opening a link in a new tab

It turns out opening a link to a new tab is now in your SPFx web part in SharePoint is not as simple as you would think. You would think that simply adding target=”_blank” or target=”_new” would do the trick. It does not. It works for external links but link to other SharePoint pages will not work without making a tweak. That’s because the SharePoint page router prevents it from happening.

To open a link in an new tab, you need to add the attribute data-interception=”off” to your link. Here’s what it looks like.

<a href={someLinkUrl} target="_blank" data-interception="off">Link</a>

If you’re using Link from Office Fabric, you can add the attribute there as well.

<Link href={someLinkUrl} target="_blank" data-interception="off">Link</Link>

This is one of those tips I have to go back and look in past code every time I need to do it. I honestly can’t remember whose blog or forum post I found this on months ago. When I was trying to remember the trick again today, I did another Internet search but I really couldn’t find anything on it this time around. I finally had to go search all of my commits of an old project to find it. If it was your post that gave me the answer all of those months ago, then I thank you and I’d be happy to properly credit you.

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